Nagoya’s favourite
Japanese Bar and Restaurant

Nagoya’s favourite izakaya, Sekai no Yamachan, is a social after-work drinking place that serves a variety of delicious food and is very well known for its mouthwatering signature chicken wings.

Origins of Sekai no Yamachan

Nagoya’s famous fried chicken wings, now one of its most popular food, started merely as an idea at a restaurant way back in 1965 in a small, local Japanese bar and restaurant. With piles of discarded chicken wings that no one thought could be of use, it takes just a simple reimagination and minor tweaks of some secret recipes to turn these wastebin-bound chicken part into a totally mouthwatering and phenomenal brand new dish that we know of today – the Yamachan Fried Chicken Wings!

Our Signature Tebasaki

Nagoya’s favourite fried chicken wings exclusively available at Yamachan outlets.

Wing it like a pro!

A guide to eating chicken wings like a champion.